Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trip Report 3/18/10

Trailer Park

The weather was fantastic, We truly couldn't ask for any better in March, so Dustyn, Jake,Emily, Dan C, and myself headed for the Trailer Park. Our first stop was to be Sunken boulder, due to Dustyn's unfinished business with Frown. So after a nice hike it was time to get our send on. The boulder condition was great, completely dry and after a quick sweep of the top out it was time to get our send on. A quick warm up on the right of the arete lead to Dustyn's much needed 1st go on Frown. After Jake giving it a few unsuccessful attempts we moved on back towards the TP. We saw some other local Athenians just up the hill from sunken running a train on HJ in the TP, so we said hello and went on our way.

Next stop was The font area. Boulder conditions in this area seem to be getting high traffic, making it great to just jump right on after the usual top out sweep on "The Font Arete". Soon after arriving at the area we were meet by the Hocking crew also taking advantage of the the great weather and looking for their early season sends.
With our time in the woods coming to and end we headed up the hill to check out the conditions of "break down" boulder. To our surprise break down was climbable. A quick once over with an M16 left the holds ready to be crushed. After everyone gave it a few goes we decided to call it a day and head back.

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nice spotting shane...