Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Tis the Season!!!!

Hey there all you Local Athens climbers, the weather is great and after pulling plastic for many winter months, its finally time to get back outside and work those finger shredding, mantleiciouse, Athens projects and problems that you ve been sending in your mind all winter long. Well guys and gals Tis the season for some cleaning. After getting on some of Athens finest problems and topping out on sandy beaches, and muddy holds all day, the boulders were in dire need of a good once over with a few brushes.
So I decided I would make my first of the season brush buying binge. After spending about 2 hours hitting up local shops I came across some ever so perfect rock brushes. So I figured I would do my best to give all my fellow Athenians some brush buying beta. First on the list is the ever so important "M 16" these wonderful crimp dusters can be picked up at Ohio Valley in Athens or Nelsonville. You can find them in the gun cleaning isle. Next on the brush tick list was the ever so soft horse hair , sloper sprinkling chalk brush. After a few stops and being shut down I headed to the ever so dreaded "Wal Mart" yes I know I really tried to get it every where else but didn't have any luck. I got this jewel in the shoe dept with the shoe shining stuff. Definitely a must have. While I was there I also picked up a cheapo broom for those classic Athens top outs. I then finished up at the dollar general picking up a few bigger brushes for the 1st of the seasons clean fest.
I know this weather has everyone heading for the hills and local boulder fields, so i figured I would remind you all take a brush and help out. Please stay clear of the super hard bristled brushes or wire brushes, there hard on the rock and can damage its natural texture. So to all you climbers that have been cooped up in basements, cold garages, and college top rope walls. IT IS TIME TO CLIMB!!!

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dylfoot said...

Love the post man! Keep up the absolutely astonishing aliterations.
Found some good sandstone out west here, really solid-not-so-chossy roofs. I'll hook up a trip report once the 22 inches in 24 hours melts. Of course they are predicting another foot in the next 2 days, so we'll see.
Keep em coming,