Tuesday, January 27, 2009

West Virginia University Bouldering Comp

WVU is hosting a Bouldering Competition this weekend. Saturday January 31st. Hocking College Outdoor Pursuits is taking a group there if anyone is interested.

See their blog for more details.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bouldering Comp at the Solution

Solution Rock Gym is hosting a small bouldering comp this weekend. Check out their blog for details.

Solution's Blog

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Artic Comes to Ohio

Just as the picture states it is cold here. Official word from the government is that the Artic Circle packed its bags and moved to Ohio. That being said we haven't been climbing much. Hopefully the weather improves so we can get back outside.

In the meantime everyone has sought shelter from the storms and training for the local comps. There will be three comps at Solution Rock Gym alone, a series. Then one at Hocking College and one at Ohio University. It should be interesting to see who wins the Athens county tri-fecta.

Well until the temps return.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So, You think you can climb V3

A selection of problems to test your meld on!

Font Arete, Trailer Park, Font Area

Prostate, Trailer Park, Font Area

The Mantle, Trailer Park, Commitment Area

Elephant Ear,Trailer Park, Commitment Area

Mussels from Brussels, Trailer Park, Ravine Area

Witches Traverse, Witches Hill, Front Area

Witches Backside, Witches Hill, Front Area

Commitment Sit, Trailer Park, Commitment Area

Fifty Grit, Witches Hill, Front Area

Finger Crack, Witches Hill, Back Area

Hand Job, Trailer Park, Mall Boulders

Key Hole Arete, Witches Hill, Font Area

Snake Eyes, COAD Boulders, Emerald Boulder

Deforestation,COAD Boulders Emerald Boulder

Let me know if you have questions on the where about of any of these lines, I will gladly share directions.