Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So. Your ready to take your game outside?

So, you want to be able to transition to the real rock of Athens County? What are the best beginner problems you ask? Where should I go?

Commitment Stand - Trailer Park, Commitment Area.

Beginners Traverse(aka Tilted Trailer) - Trailer Park, Ravine Boulders.

Broken Holds McGee - Trailer Park, Font Area.

Supper Happy Fun Arete, Trailer Park, Upper Tier.

Lip of the Silhouette Cave- Trailer Park, Cave Area

Shinbuster- COAD, Warm Up Wall.

Dark Dirty Hole, COAD, Warm Up Wall

Fire in the Hole, COAD, Upper Tier

Many Slabs at COAD

Let me know if their are any problems you think are great beginner problems.

Stay Tuned for our next segment, "You think you can climb V3."