Monday, June 28, 2010

Bears in the Woods of Kentucky..What!?

Apparently bears are making a come back into the woods of the Daniel Boone National Forest. This is great news for the region. However there was a bear attack this past week in the Red River Gorge Region of the forest, this has prompted the closing of some major crags.

More details can be found here and a news report here, along with the official forest page.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunday in the NRG 6/20/01

Went down to the NRG last Sunday to enjoy the 90 degree weather. With the perfect temps it seemed like the perfect day to hit the New. With us, my brother came and documented the flora and fauna.

We drove down to the White Wall in the South side of Meadow River Gorge, way back in the sticks. Mikes Truck, and Travs' Road Warrior easily conquered the manky class one approach to the business.
On the way in we stopped to push a chevy s-10 out of the ditch, got some toothless local good luck and then proceeded to the crushing. Sixty-five percent of the day was spent in the shade hanging out in the forest and the other thirty-five percent was spent getting on the nasty.
Here's Jaime on the tron-sight of Flaming Pellets.
I stuck with the bolts all day, Jamie and Trav wrapped it up with some trad sends, and Maria topped and cleaned the last route as we packed up in the dusk.

Check out his site and some more photos from years past at the Ping Center and Hocking College climbing comps. If you hit the "Home" link then "climbing" you cant miss it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Safety Alert

In light of a recent accident at the New River Gorge I want to help share some info about a piece of gear.

Watch this video

You can read about the accident here and here

So remember to be safe this summer and always, always double check yourselves.