Thursday, January 1, 2009

So, You think you can climb V3

A selection of problems to test your meld on!

Font Arete, Trailer Park, Font Area

Prostate, Trailer Park, Font Area

The Mantle, Trailer Park, Commitment Area

Elephant Ear,Trailer Park, Commitment Area

Mussels from Brussels, Trailer Park, Ravine Area

Witches Traverse, Witches Hill, Front Area

Witches Backside, Witches Hill, Front Area

Commitment Sit, Trailer Park, Commitment Area

Fifty Grit, Witches Hill, Front Area

Finger Crack, Witches Hill, Back Area

Hand Job, Trailer Park, Mall Boulders

Key Hole Arete, Witches Hill, Font Area

Snake Eyes, COAD Boulders, Emerald Boulder

Deforestation,COAD Boulders Emerald Boulder

Let me know if you have questions on the where about of any of these lines, I will gladly share directions.


James said...


Some friends and I are interested in driving out to Athens from Cincy as soon as the weather turns a bit more favorable. Only problem is that we've no idea where to go to hit these awesome looking problems! I thought that somewhere I read Dr. Topo was going to make something, but that is yet to be seen. As such I was hoping to find out a little bit of information before heading out there. Any chance you could help?


Anonymous said...


Is the emerald located on same ridge as COAD, but higher up? Is it accessed via the trail that connects the rock house trail to the athens trail?



Tim said...


Emerald is located on the backside of the same his as the coad boulders. Best way to reach it is to follow the rockhouse trail back toward the trailer park boulders and when you see a rock(about car size) break right off of the trail and head down the hill. The boulder is about 100 ft off trail through the forest. Very hard to see from the rockhouse trail when the leaves are on.