Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Southern Deployment

With winter, along comes the want to stretch the season. To pinch out a few more days, and escape the gray sky often looming above Ohio. Not to mention a six week winter break for O.U. students, the last of the 6 week gaps, ever to exist, ever. Seems like a good enough reason to justify the ~12 hour drive to the Deep South.
After bouncing around the states with Daniel, the weather in Rocktown straightened itself out and we met up with the O.U.O.P. crew piloted by Dustyn and Tailor, with a slew of enthusiasts not to be forgotten. With our reunion came days of sunshine and mornings full of hood remixtures and gangsta' rap.


Travis Brenner said...
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caw said...

Not sure if anyone is still active on here or in the area but thought I'd take the chance.
New to Athens as of 6/13. haven't really been able to get out climbing much, bouldered in most of the spots in Athens and one short trip to the New but am alway's on the lookout for climbers in the area. Looking to find people to climb with locally and make trips to the New or the Red when possible. Is anyone out there any more, the only people I see are the occasional Columbus climber looking to mix it up for a day.