Friday, November 4, 2011

Part One: "So You Want a Woodie"!

A former Athenian sent a question to a few fellow climbers.  His message is posted below:

Help/input needed!

I'm looking to build a woody in my apartment's spare bedroom. Since you guys are seasoned pros at building these hopefully you can help.

I have a space aprox 8'W x 11'L x 9'H to work with. Only condition is it must be free standing, can't mount to any walls or ceiling.

Looking at grabbing the SoIll Bolt-On starter pack to get started.

Looking at a design similar to this:

Thoughts? Must haves?


So, since receiving his email it reignited my interest to add a home wall section to the blog.

After thinking about the topic for a bit I came up with a few questions you will need to ask yourself before beginning your home wall.
  • What are my construction capabilities?
  • How big is the space you have to work with?
    • Can I mount to existing Structures?
    • Will the floor structure carry the weight of my Woodie?
  • Who is the user group for my woodie?
  • What type of budget to I have to work with?
This is just a starting list that will probably grow as we continue this project.

As part of this project I will be constructing a new woodie in my garage.  I will try to document the project as much as possible.

I know this is already posted under the "Home Walls" page.  But I am going to be posting them as blog entries and pasting them under the home walls section too.  I will also link all comments to the page section too.  Let me know if you have any comments on the article, I plan to update the previous articles if people have suggestion for home wall construction. -Thanks, Tim.

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Daniel said...

Also, take a look at the Moon School room. They're designed a 40 degree wall with a grid style assignment of holds. An excellent training tool as well as a pretty simple build.