Monday, October 24, 2011

V10 in the House

Athens County has now got it's first V10. One of the projects up at the Lions Wall went down.  "King Scar" was the project on the right most side of the wall, that climbed a slightly overhung face through crimps and slopers to the top.

Here is what the first ascentionist, Aaron Schneider had to say about it from his 8a card:
"Hard DESPERATE. Lurched to the last hold and managed to snag it off the heinous slopers. So psyched to put this one down. First double digit line (that I'm aware of) in Ohio, and a HARD 7C+ at that. Awesome Athen's crew to get me psyched. More lines to go."

I know it's not the first double digit line in Ohio, but it is the first for Athens.  They have a video of both the new lines which they should be posting soon.

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Daniel said...

Sick! I was there for the FA and Aaron is one talented climber! New, hard boulders are going down left and right, cant wait to get on some of these proud lines.