Sunday, October 2, 2011

Whats between you and the ground?

When I think about Misery, a cheesy horror film from the 90's in which Kathy Bates demolishes the some guy's ankles with a 4x4 and a sledgehammer, I get a little bit sick. Think about it next time your beaching yourself on the topout of “Pot-O-Gold” or praying to God /Allah/Xenu that your heel doesn't pop at the top of “50 Grit”. If you're climbing on a cheap crashpad, its akin to allowing a sub par actor who's career is slowly dying with Two and a Half Men go to town on your ankles with a mallet. As climbers, we live and die by our gear. You wouldn't climb on a rope you knew was sub par, just as you wouldn't rack cams that have seen two too many falls. Why climb above a crashpad that is made with cheap foam, sub-par nylon and carelessness towards construction?

Recently, there's been a movement among boulderers to hold their crashpads to the same standards as they hold their harnesses and ropes, we want the best. While the larger companies churn out 'budget' pads, the guys at outfits like Organic and Revolution strive to be the best. I came to the realization recently that I was climbing above a junk pad, and decided to invest in a new, bulletproof mat. I began my search and arrived at Revolution and Organic, first and foremost because of the standards they hold themselves to. Revolution has been making cutting edge bouldering gear for over a decade, and Organic is making a name for themselves as master craftsmen of fine bouldering gear. Both are made in the U.S of A by Americans, and are used by some of the strongest climbers our country has produced.

The Revolution Supreme:

New for 2011, The Supreme is Revolutions new flagship model. With a host of new features and a new design, the Supreme is sure to please. I originally had my heart set on this pad, but a backordering issue gave me cause to look elsewhere. If you can get your calloused fingers on one, call me, I want to fall on it.

The Organic Full Pad:

With top of the line construction, top of the line materials, and top of the line bad ass-ery, the Organic Full Pad is the the new industry standard. With the ability to make colorful custom pads, you can have a pad that suits your tastes and will surely impress all the crag honeys. Made lovingly just a hop and a skip across the Mid West in Pennsylvania, the close proximity means fast shipping, AKA instant gratification. After the back ordering flub with Revolution, I sent an email to Josh Helke at Organic and had an order placed before I even really realized what was going on. A week and a half later, the biggest box my RA had ever seen shipped to a dorm arrived, and inside was bouldering salvation. After a few days of just wearing the pad around the dorm (stupid rain), I got my chance to try it for real. Let me tell you, never have I been happier to come cartwheeling off some lichen ridden choss pile. Not only does the Organic Full pad catch a fall, it envelops a falling climbers body in a perfect balance of firmness and cushion-y softness. Nothing inspires more confidence 20 feet off the deck than an Organic pad placed below. The Full pad also comes with a dandy pouch where you can toss other bouldering essentials like brushes and clif bars.

I know your thinking- “But Daniel, these pads cost upwards of 230 dollars, Ill never be able to afford that!” To which I'll say “If you'd only cancel your subscription to Weaksause magazine and sell your Gilmore Girls DVD collection...” Seriously folks, do yourself and your ankles a favor, give the good folks at Revolution and Organic a call, they'll treat you real nice like...


Tim said...

Nice write up dan, now lets see some action shots with the new pad.

Here is a nice video of organic too..

Corey said...

i also have a couple organic pads and trust me they are worth the money, as daniel said. Just think of it as paying an extra $100 to not have rolled ankle

alexhileman said...

But I love my Gilmore Girls DVD set...