Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breakdown Brokedown

Breakdown cave lived up to it's name today, the key right hand crimp is no more.  Me, Jake, and a handful of OU kids took our weekly bouldering trip today and found ourselves at the breakdown cave.  After tearing a nice flapper earlier I settled in to watch the others pull down on this classic, Jake was showing the beta when BOOM the crimp blew.  Look what he did, the little jerk-

Somebody get out there and get the send before old Tim-dog has a chance!  The grade has definitely been up'd, good luck!


jCurrent said...

i send my apologies to all that have ever climbed breakdown. i wish the hold hadn't ever broke, this was definitely one of my favorite problems in athens. i think the remaining holds could definitely be pieced together and something new could come in the wake of the destruction. good luck workin the new beta, go get the FA!

-Jake C- the new 'that guy'

Tim said...

Old...Old. That's it, I'm going to send and downgrade!

Matt T said...

Would it be possible to get directions to the various areas around Athens? And a "recommended" place to start so one could lay seige to the area? I'm from Pittsburgh PA and you guys are within a day trip so I would like to be able to come and check things out for a day/find the projects/send some classics/get a feel for the area all without driving/walking aimlessly around. I would also like to help in the development of this area.

Sooooooo in short, could someone contact me with some information? E-mail:
Phone: 4123528083


Matthew Tschippert