Monday, January 10, 2011

It's that time of year..

The weather has turned for crap again this year, but I'm trying not leave my climbing in the same condition. Getting outside sounds miserable around this time and the weather's not exactly cooperative in attempting to stay strong, but I refuse to let an ever so tempting sedentary life be the answer. I've been spending way too many hours here on the computer watching climbing videos and reading nonsense blogs, but this near pointless dedication has actually produced something of value-I hope-for myself and anybody still refusing to wait for March to bring proper climbing temps back. I came across the two articles below and felt that each was helpful when I began to consider getting out in these sub-freezing, constantly snowing conditions.
The first has some good tips on how to stay warm. Even though it is not directed at bouldering, much of the advice most definitely still applies. The second link is one with tips to avoid injuries while we all train for our next 5.ridiculous or Vheinous super proj we plan to send in the spring. Hopefully the articles can be of some help and we can get some traffic out on the rock again despite the numbing cold and evil wetness. Best of climbing to everyone!



Michael Faga said...

I just came across your blog. I have been looking for some good climbs in Ohio. Where exactly is Trailer Park, and the other projects mentioned in your blog? I'm new to the bouldering scene and would like a fresh start this spring/summer.

Tim said...


See the section under parking for directions in this link.

Have you done any climbing before or are you about to start. Just wondering so I can give you some areas to check out.

- Tim

Michael Faga said...

I've been climbing for about 3 years. But only in gyms, no experience on real rock yet. Thanks for the link. That would be great if you could give me some areas!