Sunday, October 31, 2010

Community News Flash:

Now that Halloween in Athens as come and gone it's time to get back to business.

Northeast Ohio Climbers Coalition:
If you are form the Northeastern Part of Ohio, call yourself a climber and don't know about this group, then it about time you did some research.  Their mission is ensures public access to rock climbing areas by working with the climbing community, authorities, landowners and property managers while encouraging environmental conservation and responsible climbing.

If you are not a member already I suggest that you visit their face book page. 

Why did I bring up a group located over a three hour drive away? Because they are taking on important issues that Ohio climbers face, access to public land.  More so recently the identity of the Metro Park.  We are fortunate that we are located in an area that is full of many open spaces for public use, many that allow unrestricted climbing an access.  However not to far of the road is a local Metro Park full of rock that your not allowed to touch.  So if you're from Summit County of the surrounding area please take some time to help your fellow locals with the cause. 
You can also check out the Summit Metro Parks and their facebook page here.

If you are able to attend the NEOCC and other climbers will be at SMP meeting on November 17 at 12pm.  More info on the meeting can be found on the NEOCC face book page under event, or here.

Info on other Northeastern Ohio climbing areas can be found here, the ruff guide site.

Other news:
  • "Party Cave" at Witches.  This line was cleaned an established up on Witches Hill at the back section of rock.  This line climbs out the leftmost side of the rock house that usually has a fire ring at it base, left from the most recent round of partying students.  It starts just  low in the cave at about 4/5 ft high on a large pocket/jug, from there if moves out, slightly to the left then straight up.  Climbing above the small boulders on the ground to a seemingly blank top out.  I would guess at the grade of about a V3/4, I didn't top it out the day I was there, still a little to dirty for my liking.  However, the line climbs very nicely over the suspect rock.  I would suggest that you bring a broom with you if you plan to climb this line, as it will likely be dirty, since there's a large hillside of dirt that sits above.
  • The Witches Online guide:  It's coming along nicely, we hope to have it up by the end of this week.
  • Athens Projects page will be updated soon, were going to remind you of all those projects that lie in the woods.  Hell were even going to give you directions and all of the the beta we have for them.
  • Tuesdays with Shay.  I hoped to have made a better impression with these, but Shay's schedule is uncooperative and he is being a sissy about getting out to try the above mention projects. I blame it all on Big Red!


jCurrent said...

Was up at witches solo today, everything was in great shape, clean and have seen some light traffic. temps are perfect now and everything had great friction. can't wait to see the guide up!

Rusty Blade Rosser said...

What are you talking about man!!!! i wanted to go out last weekend and you bitched out! and this week someone has to work!! not me buddy!! I blame it all on you Timmy!!!

t-rav said...

No Tuesdays With Shay because of the formation of Shaysa? weak sauce!