Monday, November 2, 2009

Trip Report: Witches

Hey yall,
Louis and I went out to Witches last week and got in a late afternoon session.

The (A) on the map denotes the approximate location of Witches

Setting sun and crisp temps made for the perfect send-fest. The chill of fall in Athens means many things to me, one of those things is wonderful friction. The other things have to do with getting drunk in spandex and a wig.

I'm telling you with all honesty, Athens sandstone is easy to palm in the fall. It's like cheating. Otherwise heinous top outs felt effortless, the classic "Witches Traverse" felt easier than picking up dudes at the bar and "Drews Arete" was actually feeling sendable (although I did not send). So after warming up on the warm up boulder, which doesn't really have that many good warm ups anymore thanks to the consistently inconsistent rock, we threw ourselves at a highball project that vindictively stayed a project.

As the sun started to disappear over the gorgeous Hocking River valley, Louis and I jumped on the V4 classic "50 Grit." An aesthetic vertical block with a lone sloping crimper dividing the 4 feet between start holds and sloping mantle. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of us on "50 Grit," but I did get a snap shot of the block. Here's few photos from the day:

Warm up boulder Drew's Arete on right and Witches Traverse on left

Drew's Arete

Louis with the send

The Proj: Nintendo Thumb

50 Grit

Beautiful fall day

Here are some appropriate alliterations to accurately associate my appreciation for our awesome Athens afternoon:
The overall outing was outstanding.
Super solid sloper slappin'
Crazy crimpy cobble clobbering.


Brian said...

Cool pictures. There is a problem in nearby Hocking Hills that is also called 50 grit.

The project looks hard. I have stared at that line before but never been on it.

Shane said...

another great post my friend, keep it up!!

Olsen said...

Hi, I will be traveling to your neck of the woods and I would love to come out and check out some of the bouldering. I am mostly interested in any steep projects or difficult established problems. If not I would just be psyched to get out and climb on something new. my email address is
thanks a bunch. I will be around not this weekend but next and probably will have one free day. thanks