Friday, November 13, 2009

Climbing Shoes and Sizing

Climbing Shoes and Sizing:

The idea with this post is for users to share the climbing shoes they have owned and the size of those shoes. That away fellow climbers can view their list and use it to to help choose an appropriate sizes when purchasing new shoes. A street shoe or boot listed for reference is great too.

Leave your list as a comment for everyone to see.

Below are links to some popular shoe manufactures.
Five Ten
La Sportiva
Mad Rock

Comment Model:
Make, Model, Size (comment about the fit)

ex: Five Ten, Jet 7, 9 (tight as hell)


Tim said...

Street Shoe
Addidas 10

Asolo 9.5

Five Ten
Anasazi, 9.5 (Tight)
Old Dragon, 10 (good)

Predator, 9.5 (Perfect, can wear for hours)
Optimus Prime, 10.5 (great fit)
Pontas, 9.5 (Comfortable, all day)

Mad Rocks
Phoenix, 9.5

La Sportiva
Solutions, 41 (good)
Venoms, 39.5 (Tight)

Methods, 42 (Heel would slide a little)
Wasbi, 42.5 (solid fit)

Dustyn Whyte said...

Street Shoe
8.5 - 9 (wide)

Defy 8.5 (super comfortable)
Talon 9.5 (Tight because it's narrow)
Optimus Prime 8.5 (wide enough toe, great heal)

Shay's booster's fit me great, Tims venoms fit me tight because they're narrow

Dan said...

Street shoe:
10.5 (globe)
10.5 (fiveten)
43.5 (sportiva)

Climbing shoes:
Sportiva Solution: 41.5 (or 42 for more comfort)
Sportiva Miura VS: 41.5 (performance fit)
Evolv talon/predator/Optimus Prime: 11 (I can keep these on all day and crush my project)
Five Ten Dragon/Team: 11.5 (performance fit)

Jaime said...

street shoe- 6-6.5

Boot- ditto

Five Ten
Moccasym- 5 (super comfy!)
Anasazi- 5 (super tight..but heel locks in so well with the velcro synched)

La Sportiva
Katana womens 34.5 (perfect! I can wear these shoes all day, and the heal performs amazingly!)

Zealot- 4.5 (the shoe that molded to my foot the best...fair well montrail..fair well!)

Reflex- 5 (tight!)

Stingers- 5 (meh...take it or leave it..loosy goosy)

Shane said...

Street Shoe
Salomon- 11

Five Ten Jet 7- 10.5 (tight) Not to thrilled on the Heel, makes up for it in the toe

Defy- 11 Comfortable all around
Pontas- 11 Wear em all day
Evo- 11 There is nothing good about this shoe for me
Predator- 10.5 (tight) Great heel awesome toe

Rusty Blade Rosser said...

Street shoe

Predator, 9 (fits great, i can wear them all day.Great sport shoe.)
older Kaos1, 9 (good fit but a little tight in the toe.)

Bosters 40.5 US 8 Awesome shoe. toe and heal are great. Great on steep sport routes.