Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Trailer Park... Choss or Paradise

The Trailer Park boulders, the infamous Athens hot spot! It holds some of the best problems in all of Southeastern Ohio, actually I would call them the best in all of the state. A few of these problems are so good, that they would be classics where ever you put them.

But just like all good climbing areas, it has taken time and energy to develop. There have been those individuals over the years that have walked the hills before there were trails, they, the hunters, on the constant search for a new rock, a new line, a first ascent, however the first ascents in Athens County don't come easy. Unlike areas in other destinations where one can walk up, jump on a unclimbed face and grab a send. We the few "scrubbers", battle the very forces of mother nature, to tame the line. We remove ages of dirt and loose rock to find the beauty beneath, with every speck of dust removed, to allow for an attempt at what the rock holds sacred, it first ascent.

After a scrub, with a rock that is clean, it still takes a climber that is willing to try and crack the beta. The beta on a challenging problem is not given easily, add height and a hard crux and it could be years before that problems sees a send. That is the draw that keeps many of us on the prow for the next boulder in Athens.

With that being said, you will have to take the time to thank those before you, as you pull on the sandstone of the Trailer Park. Cause they were the ones that cleared away most of the choss in Athens, making your future climbs a little more enjoyable. Still be aware of the occasional hold that may break.

Now for a few pieces of eye candy that will make you want to pull down on this same Ohio sandstone.

above: Tom on the "Font Arete"

above: Tim on "Tarzan"

Above: Dan on Mall Boulder classic "Deforestation"

Above: Dan on the tall and slimper test piece "Charlie Horse"

Above: Dan on the infamous Athens Classic "Bird's Nest"


Levi said...

To appreciate "paradise" in Athens it is inevitable that you will experience choss. But to me that was most of the fun, looking for new lines in and around Athens. Most of the time you would clean something off and it wasn't quite what you were looking for, but for every 99 problems cleaned, there was always one that stood out.

Stay hungry, keep searching, and look for that diamond in the rough.

Marta said...
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