Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Hocking Hills Climbing and Rappelling Area

So it might be outside of Athens county, but we will be considering part of the Athens scene. The Hocking Hills Climbing and Rappelling area is located in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, in Hocking County, in the Hocking Hills State Forest on a 99 acre tract of land, next to the Hocking Hills State Park.
This area has a plethora of rock, of which a small fraction is hard enough to support climbs and of that, a smaller fraction of actuals climbs. But of that small fraction of climbs there are a few good lines. The area is great for taking beginners and learning how to set up top ropes, it is a great outdoor class room.
The problems range from easy to moderate with a couple hard lines, but the potential for hard sends are there. Below is some more raw video of Dan and I playing around on the area test piece "Six Crack". Enjoy!

Six Crack Video

Stay tuned for a clip of Mr. Evil(aka the Levitator) on a high line in Hocking Hills.

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