Monday, December 10, 2012

Part Two: How to develop your Woodie!

So based on the questions asked in the first post, I think the first question you need to ask is "Who is the user group for my woodie?"  By this question I mean; Is the wall going to be only for you as a training device? Is it going to be for fun-times with beginner friends? Are little ones, such as kids going to be using it?  Answering these questions will help guide the design process.

The second set of questions I would ask are;
  • How big is the space you have to work with?
    • Can I mount to existing Structures?
    • Will the floor structure carry the weight of my Woodie?
So below are some photos of walls that I have been involved with,  and some from other blog authors.

The design model for our new garage wall, in our Denver, CO rental.

The Carport on Smith Street in Athens, Ohio:

The Warehouse outside of Athens, Ohio:

The basement of my last house in Athens:

The former "Solution Rock Gym" in Athens, Ohio: 
Basically a giant woodie.

The Garage on East State Street:

Brian's Basement in Cleveland:

Part three will be the construction of the new home wall design.  With photos throughout the process to help you develop your proper woodi!

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Louis said...

Was the orange wall in SRG a 45degree Tim?

Tim said...

Yes, it was. Yellow was a 30, and green a 15