Saturday, September 5, 2009

So you think you can climb V5?

So, a few of these problems might be rated below or above v5, but if you want to call yourself an Athens County V5er you should be able to make pretty short work of this list.

Birds Nest,Trailer Park, Commitment Area

Tarzan, Trailer Park, Commitment Area

Break Down, Trailer Park, Breakdown Cave Area

Pot O Gold, COAD Boulders, Warm Up Wall

Charlie Horse, Trailer Park, Spirit Area

Tug Time, COAD Boulders, Lower Central Area

Barb Wire, COAD Boulders, Emerald Boulder

Emerald Arete, COAD Boulders, Emerald Boulder

Discombobultion, COAD Boulders, Emerald Boulder

To Small for Paws, COAD Boulders, Upper Wall

Dihedral, COAD Boulders, Upper Wall

The Nomad(Nose Right), COAD Boulders,

Death Arete, Stoud's Run - Beach, Death Arete Area

Drew's Arete, Witches, Warmup Boulder

Let me know if you have any other problems that you think qualify for this list.

1 comment:

Levitator said...

I might have to come down and claim first ascent on "Big Mama's Arete"