Saturday, February 23, 2008

A COAD Double Feature

Well I figured out a little more of the video editing, so here is some action from this summer. Let me know what you think so I can make the future installments better.


Levitator said...

Let this be positive, constructive criticism in your early days of video editing.

1. Loose the "cheesy" title openings. Try to find a good looking font, and stick with fading in and out. If you are using adobe premiere, they make a good after effects program that can enhance some of the animation.

2. I like what you did with the inset small screen to show hands holds, but the screen didn't stay on long enough. I think you can play around with that one though.

3. Music - This one is hard, because you want to captivate your audience. What I have found works best is to play uplifting music that doesn't contain lyrics, and sometimes it is best to just hear people climbing. ( I would loose the Johnny Cash. I like Johnny, but I don't want to hear him when I watch people climb.)

I'm far from being a video editing pro, and I have made my share of bad videos. If you want more advice from people who edit video on a higher level try getting a hold of Josh White or Eric Arvai. They are both Athens Alumni, and would probably love to help.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Hey my name is Nick and I am a video production major at OU. I have pitch a Bouldering Athens documentary for my class and it got picked. I was wondering if you had any interest in helping out, and showing what Athens bouldering is all about. If you have any time let me know.

Dustyn Whyte said...

I think you need to update, no one's buying that "I'm so busy" act Tim, you play disc golf more than any student at Hocking.

Dustyn Whyte said...

Also, there is an obvious lack of moustaches in your video.